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We are excited to bring benefit to our community through the Hodad`s Foundation!

Our mission: The Hodad's Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on working closely with our communities to provide a variety of charitable efforts. These include: contributing to local schools, supporting our troops and veterans, providing aid to cancer victims and making a conscious effort to keep our beaches and environment clean. We are honored to be able to carry on the legacy and spirit of love & giving demonstrated by Mike 'Bossman' Hardin

We would like to give you the opportunity to be a part of the Hodad's foundation

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50 year overnight success story

In 1969, Byron and Virginia Hardin began serving their AMAZING Burgers in San Diego. Hodad's first location was on the beach, at the end of Santa Monica Ave., in Ocean Beach.

In 1991, after several moves, Hodad's opened at it's present location on Ocean Beach's main drag, Newport Avenue. In 2011 we opened our second location at 10th & Broadway in beautiful downtown San Diego.

We expanded into Petco Park in 2012, when we opened a seasonal spot for all of the San Diego Padres Baseball Fans. It's been so popular, that space was eventually traded up for several concession locations throughout the park

We extend our thank you to the hungry fans that have made all of this possible.

Hodad's is now in the hands of third generation family members, Shane & Lexi Hardin. They're the adult children of the famous Burgermeister, Mike “Bossman” Hardin.

Mike was at the helm of this seaside burger joint when it rocketed to stardom. It was Mike's heart that kept the whole team sane as they went from a local's favorite shack to a relentlessly busy hub for Burger lovers from around the world. He was surfer, a businessman, a joker, a philosopher and great Dad. He was a friend to anyone whoever met him and did his best to make life better for America's Military as a member of the MESS LORDS!

Read More about Mike's continuing influence on our community, See The Diner's, Drive-In's & Dives episode that changed absolutely everything, look through the inspiring photos of his years of travel & participation in the Mess Lords and watch the unlikely “50+ Year OVERNIGHT SUCCESS STORY” unfold.